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Helping your cyber-physical business overcome challenging product or solution development issues - for greater success and a more inclusive work-culture.

Cyber-Physical solutions defined as - "...interacting digital, analog, physical and human components engineered for function through integrated physics and logic" - ref: NIST.  E.g., Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, and smart devices such as wireless devices, automobiles, manufacturing equipment, electrical grids, may be considered CPS.

Whether your organizations idea of success includes seeking greater product quality, higher profit margins, increased brand-loyalty, or a combination - businesses' that develop, build, and sell (CPS) products solutions must have the ability to use technology to capitalize on new opportunities and resolve business challenges. ALT Technologies is committed to helping our customers achieve their desired to-be state

Overview of service offerings

Consulting Services

  • CPS architecture support

  • Technology transformation

  • Implementing DevSecOps

  • Coaching, mentoring

  • Technology innovation strategy

  • Regulatory compliance support

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