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ALT Technology: an introduction

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Welcome to ALT, glad you are here!

ALT Technologies founded 2021 - by ALT principal consultant Brian McColgan. Brian brings 30+ years of software development, architectural-design, technical-standards, and innovation experience to ALT and it's clients.

Some of the organizations, Brian has had the opportunity to work for/with, include:

  • Algorithmics - a financial risk-management software company based in Toronto, ON.

  • 7-24 Solutions Inc. - tier-1 wireless service provider and Canada's largest-scale IPO.

  • BlackBerry Limited - BB invented the smartphone, and secure wireless messaging.

  • General Motors - first vehicle-OEM to develop the connected car (4G-LTE).

In his work as software practitioner, agilest, technologist, architect, dev/project manager, and thought-leader - Brian knows first-hand how mid-to-large business leverage opportunities, while resolving difficult technical challenges. He has learned through both project/product success and failure, the elements needed to achieve positive business outcomes and key results.

ALT Technologies was created to help businesses building cyber-physical systems - attain the appropriate level of business & technological agility. These aspects, and many others are critical to achieving the desired to-be state.

The articles posted on our site are designed to be thought-starters, and to help shed light on why businesses building complex technological systems must establish and maintain a level of agility, customer-centricity, and inclusivity.

Before we dive in to these topics in this blog, many reading may be wondering what ALT Technology means - when we speak of 'complex cyber-physical systems'? Please read on...

Cyber physical system

Cyber-Physical Systems - what exactly does that mean?!?

The National Institute of Science & Technology (NIST) in the US has developed a clear definition of what makes up a cyber-physical system (CPS). With due-respect to NIST, and the DRY principle - CPS is defined as follows:

  • CPS comprise interacting digital, analog, physical and human components engineered for function through integrated physics and logic.

Examples of the type of domains belonging to CPS may include:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) - e.g., sensors installed in a farmers field gathering and reporting weather info in support of agricultural crops.

  • Industrial web - e.g., machine learning systems used in manufacturing.

  • Smart collections - be they cities, electricity or resource grids.

  • Smart device-objects - e.g., smart appliances, vehicles, hospital equipment, etc.

In closing...

CPS covers a number of different domains, but suffice to say - systems rooted in CPS do not have much overlap with accounting systems 8^). ALT's mission is to help our clients overcome technological complexity, explore, innovate and thrive.

Does your CPS organization face urgent challenges and/or opportunities?, Please reach out to us for an introductory chat!

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